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Sweet Bake Asia Championship 2016

i pulled my Production Head, Chef Kayla to participate this championship.

She was initially reluctantly as she was afraid that she was not up to that level yet...

Whats the rational behind joining competition?

To many, its to win!

To some, its just for the fun sake of it.

But to me, its a challenge to oneself!

because in competition, everyone is definitely bring the very best oout of themselves and to perform under extremely intense situations.

To be able to do your best and complete in a given assigned time, and that to me , is already a victory to oneself!

And also, by joining competitions, its also a way to improve and honed up your skills to a different level as you have no choice but to showcase your utmost skills and talents.

We joined the cake category of this championship.

We did a cheese cake, a chocolate showpiece and two petite gateau. All these in the theme of oceanic.

One of the petite gateau that we designed was called "JACK & ROSE - A TITANIC'S LOVE STORY"

It was a Rose petaled flavored light fluffy chiffon with Jackfruits chunks in it.

The entire display showpiece was decorated with biscuit fine ground crumbs as sands.

The Choc showpiece was also made to hold up our cheesecake with dried starfuits as starfish on shore.

We didn't win the championship.

But we definitely won a NEW LEVEL of CONFIDENCE.

Confidence in ourselves, in Baker's Heart!

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