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IKEA's 3rd store at JEM Grand Opening

History Making Moment is what we would describe today!

IKEA always. follows their Sweden tradition of sawing a log for every of their store opening. But today, It the VERY FIRST time that they uses a 3D "Log" CAKE instead!!!!

And Baker's Heart has the utmost honor to craft this massive huge 2m long logcake for MNC IKEA!!!!


It was truly a challenge for us to receive this order and we were so privileged to be entrusted to craft this important cake!

We put in a lot of our time and effort in planning on how to make this happened and after 5 days of sheer planning and working, we crafted the final master piece!

When the cake arrived at IKEA @ JEM, it was welcomed with all the woos and ahhs!!!!!

Everyone was exhilarated and overwhelmed by the LOGcake!!!!

Is that a real log????

It cant be a cake lah!!!

and other astonishing questions and comments were filling up the air!

Finally, came the traditional sawing of the log, errrr.... it should be said as cake cutting ceremony.

The CAKE seemed to be the highlight of the entire event! and we were truly delighted as well!

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