Baker's Heart started it's operations in 29 September 2012 , founded by Chef Zach Leong. 


In 1979, Zach was born in a baker's family. His father and uncles were bakers in the 1960s.















    Zach's father third from the left, between his brothers                                          


He was brought up in a bakery and he was known as the "Loti Kia". The bakery was his playground throughout his childhood. Kids played with "Play-Doh" while Zach often played with real dough.












Upon graduating from Temasek Polytechnic with a Diploma in Business, he went on to persue his passion in the bakery industry. Zach's passion in baking was heightened in his work stints at bakery cafes, restaurants and bakeries chain like Four Leaves and BreadTalk. 


Zach imparted most of his baking knowledge and skills from his father. He also mastered baking techniques from seminars, workshops, competitions and many other master chefs and bakers.



























Led by Chef Zach and his team of creative and passionate chefs and bakers, 

Baker's Heart was crystalised in designing and crafting customised cakes and patisseries.

Baker's Heart also started to share their passion in baking through talks and workshops for corporate's team building, events and functions.


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