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Its Labour day!!!

My third prince, MiniBao Zash was extremely surprised and delighted when I was in his school’s Labour Day Celebration, sharing the joy of my passion and job as a Baker!!! I was impressed and so intrigued by their attention and intelligent questions despite such a young age!!! Questions like how many bakers and staff I have in my company, how many cakes we craft daily, why I choose this job .....

I asked them why do they think their parents and the rest of the uncles and aunties out there worked so hard, and almost everyone shouted ,”MONEY!!” Wow! I agreed with them but I shared with them that apart from money and working for the family, The main reason I strictly believe and I know many might not even noticed is everybody works...... “TO HELP PEOPLE!”

Doctor HELP PEOPLE to get well when they are sick. Cleaners HELP PEOPLE in keeping their environment clean and safe to live in. Bakers HELP PEOPLE to have great pastries and awesome looking cakes for celebrations and to feel happy eating them.

Today is Labour Day! I sincerely wishes all to be blessed in their lives and continue to be blessed with the greatest Health so as to HELP OTHERS and contributing to the ecosystem, economy and the world.

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