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Have you ordered Our Family Bundle Delivery

right to your doorsteps while you stay at home!

Please do check out this great Family Bundle!!!

Let Us Deliver Our Daily Freshly Baked Breads

Right to your Doorsteps!


Family Bundle consist of:

- Beika Kokoro Cotton Cheesecake

- Kaya West (Kaya Bun)

- Chris Hamsworth (Chic Ham)

- Jim Curry (Curry Potato)

- Otah Windfrey (Otah Bun) 

- Robean Williams (Silky Bean)


No changing of items in the Family Bundle!

Ordering Lead time: 2-3 days in advance 


Only paid orders are deemed confirmed.

Delivery timing: Between 10am to 8pm daily.

No fixed delivery time slots allowed. 


Free Delivery for all Baker's Heart members.

For non-members, a $4 delivery charges upon delivery is applicable.

HURRY! Order NOW! 

As we can only take in limited orders!

You may place your order online here by clicking the order button below!

You may also whatsapp us at (+65) 8812 2057 in this format:


Contact No:

Delivery Address:

No. of sets:

Total amount:

M (members)/ NM (non-members): 

Membership no. :


Payment mode: PayLah 9226 3744

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